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Short: Asm-Pro mc680x0 macro assembler (+source)
Author: amigaguru@gmail.com (SP)
Uploader: amigaguru gmail com (SP)
Type: dev/asm
Version: 1.18
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4

Asm-Pro is a mc680x0/6888x/68851 macro assembler/disassembler/linker with
integrated editor, monitor and debugger.

With Asm-Pro you have a complete package for writing assembler programs on your
Amiga. Asm-Pro is simular to asm-one but has new and improved functionality
including gfx-card compatiblity.


- An Amiga
- Kickstart 2.04+
- ReqTools.library (Try Aminet)

The source for Asm-Pro is available from my homepage for those who
are interested in helping out with the development..


Join our Asm-Pro mailing list for support on the development of Asm-Pro!

Subscribe: Asmpro_dev-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
URL to discussion page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Asmpro_dev

================= Asm-Pro V1.18 (5-april-2012) =======================

People contributing to this opensource release:
- Rune Stensland (sp) (amigaguru@gmail.com)

- Added the Apollo Cpu (GUI+Config)
- Apollo: Enabled move byte to adress register (Assembler,dissassembler,debugger)
- Apollo: Enabled tst byte adress register (Assembler,dissassembler,debugger)
- Apollo: Added clr.x ax, not.x ax,neg.x ax, negx.x ax (Assembler,dissassembler,debugger)
- Apollo: Added bset.x #n,ax, bclr.x #n,ax, bchg.x #n,ax, btst #n,ax (Assembler,dissassembler,debugger)
- Apollo: Added Full <EA> support for tst,clr,not,neg and negx (ex. neg 10(pc,d0.w*2)) (Assembler,dissassembler,debugger)
- Apollo: Added (B,W,L) ORIA , EORIA, ANDIA, ADDIA,SUBIA,CMPIA (Assembler,dissassembler,debugger)
- Apollo: Added DbCC.L (Assembler,dissassembler,debugger)
- Fixed 020 + inderect adressing modes ([xxx.l,d0]) etc. EX: jsr ([label,d0.l*4])
- Fixed 020 + inderect adressing modes ([label],123456789) EX: move.l ([label],123456789),d0
- Removed Crash when pasting an empty clipboard
- The commandline buffer now remember 256 lines (before 16). Also Removed wrapping.
- Added support for Integer Constants in Floatingpoint Expressions. ex: fmove.l #constant*100,fp0

================= Asm-Pro V1.17 (2-may-2005) =======================

People contributing to this opensource release:
- Franck "Flasher Jack" Charlet.

[FIX] - All libraries calls are now using relevants includes labels
(Also added a couple of required includes).

- Forced the FPU flag for 68040 & 60 so fpu instructions can be assembled
when using these processors and fpu registers are displayed in the regs lists.

- Pasting block of text when the caret is at the bottom of the editor
won't trash it anymore.

- Current line won't be trashed during block marking.

- Fixed some typos here and there.

- Fixed the doubled carets in monitor.

- Fixed start/end save addresses in binary dump.

[NEW] - Current caret address is now displayed in monitor.

- Added the includes files into the sourcecode archive
(dunno if it's legal or not but it makes life easier).

- bm.l command implemented (longwords binary dump).

[MISC] - Renamed executable & sourcecode file from Asm-Pro to AsmPro
(Mostly because it's faster to type).

================= Asm-Pro V1.16i (24-02-2001) =======================

People contributing to this opensource release:
- Aske Simon Christensen aka Blueberry
- Franck "Flasher Jack" Charlet.

[FIX] Fixed the "sticky" cursor problem in the editor.
[FIX] Instructions like bfexts d0{13:28},d2 are legal and therefor
do not generate errors anymore.

Flasher Jack:
[NEW] Added a most recent files list (only for source files).

[FIX] On Ctrl+V (paste) command: editor's line number trashed.
[FIX] Changed "AU" (Auto Update) to "AS" in prefs to avoid conflict with
Update Check.

[NEW] There is now an Asm-Pro developers mailing list!

================= Asm-Pro V1.16h (04-02-2001) =======================

People contributing to this opensource release:
- Boussh
- Franck "Flasher Jack" Charlet.
- Solo

[FIX] Fixed disassembler crashes for some (illegal) opcodes.. (jaja beter laat dan nooit he :)

Flasher Jack:
[SRC] Changed system equ's to includes.

[FIX] Comment block won't trash line number anymore.
[FIX] File >=100k displayed correctly in V command.
[FIX] Won't display FastMem in AllocWorkSpace window
if there's no FastMem present (A BIIIG ONE!).
[FIX] When assembling with no errors editor line number trashed.
[FIX] Select a font and then Canceling the prefs window won't
trash the screen anymore.
[FIX] BootBlock simulator now jumps to Address+12.

[NEW] AutoUpdate option before Jump or Go added in env. prefs.
[NEW] BootBlock simulator menu entry.
[NEW] 'Select all' option in editor.

[NEW] 'Tabulate' option in editor.
[NEW] 'Spaces to tabs' option in editor.
[NEW] Insert disassembly: labels extended to 32 bits.
[NEW] RegsData file can be also found in S:

[SRC] Source reconstruction.

================= Asm-Pro V1.16g (08-08-2000) =======================

People contributing to this release:
- Aske Simon Christensen aka Blueberry
- Solo

[FIX] Pflusha warnings changed from 851/030 only to 851/030+
[FIX] Nested REPTs work again. It crashed previously.
[FIX] REPT 0 now skips its contents, instead of crashing.
[FIX] '<' in expressions was unsigned less than or equal instead of
signed less than, as it should be.
[FIX] Float values can now be raised to nonpositive exponents

[NEW] Added an editor function to change hexnumbers to ascii (Amiga+h)
Set the cursor on top of the '$' and press Amiga+h and presto the
number changes into an ascii value string..

dc.l $534F4C4F

will change into:
dc.l "SOLO"

A more extensive example:

moveq #0,d6
move (a3)+,d0
and d4,d0
cmp #$C057,d0
beq.b .wordsize
cmp #$C04C,d0
beq.b .longsize
cmp #$C042,d0
beq ERROR_IllegalSize
bra HandleMacroos

can be changed into:

moveq #0,d6
move (a3)+,d0
and d4,d0
cmp #"@W"+$8000,d0
beq.b .wordsize
cmp #"@L"+$8000,d0
beq.b .longsize
cmp #"@B"+$8000,d0
beq ERROR_IllegalSize
bra HandleMacroos

which is a lot more readable..

================= Asm-Pro V1.16f (04-03-2000) =======================
[First OpenSource Release]

Source code of Asm-Pro is now available as OpenSource. Check out the
Website for more details (http://surf.to/asmpro)..

- Fixed autoscroll problem when screensize was bigger than the screenmode size.
- Fixed warning for pmove.l TC,xx


Upload Date:Aug 09 2019
Size:719 KB