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Description:Amiblitz is the further develop of BlitzBasic 2 from Amiga.
Developer:AmiBlitz Team
# AmiBlitz3
What we have got here is the complete package of AmiBlitz3 - a BASIC-compiler for 68k-amiga.

## Requirements are:
- 35megs of harddisc space
- 10megs of RAM to do things, _16megs of RAM to do serious development_
- Kickstart 2.04
- 68020 (not tested below)
- FPU ... but only when building FPU-optimized executables :-)

## Installation:
To get started with AB3, just download the [current release](https://github.com/AmiBlitz/AmiBlitz3/releases/tag/v3.7.2) and extract it somewhere on your harddisk.
You may copy the OS-libraries in Libs-Drawer to system's "Libs"-drawer before starting, otherwise the IDE will complain about mission OS-libraries.

## What this package contains:
Everything you need as of:
- Full IDE with needed OS-libraries
- localization for english, german and french available
- lots of documentations accessable from IDE (check "Help"-Menu)
- lots of usefull includes written in AB3 itself (with its own documentation)
- every include file has its own short demo in it, just compile and run them!
- some examples to demonstrate various features

## Where do I get further informations about it all?
Try the following sources:

https://www.amiblitz.de | various documentation about AmiBlitz3 (needs some updates)

https://www.amiforce.de | additional information and fora

https://www.facebook.com/groups/342460143062811 | english facebook-group

Upload Date:Jul 12 2020
Size:10 MB
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