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Description:An Amiga Game Creator
Developer:Carlos Peris
REDPILL Amiga Game Creator
Alpha v0.7.8

What it is
-A tool to empower people to create many games for Amiga without programming knowledge.
-Easy to use and at the same time allow to do complex things.
-More a toy to play with than a professional tool, not having thousands of features but instead have few features that work very well.
-Allows people to create 2D games with the true Amiga feeling!
-It is free.
-It is still in development.

What it isn't
-A tool aimed to create professional games, you will need to learn programming for that purpose.
-No need to be a programmer, but if you are one, then Asm, C, Blitz, Amos, etc. are more powerful than RedPill. Use RedPill if you are not good at programming, you want to develop fast or you want to have some fun :)
-It is not suitable to create any type of game, but you can try it anyway.
-It is not going to grow until it becomes Unreal, Unity, GameMaker or Skynet, it is still a hobbie project.
-The priority is allowing Amiga users to create games, power and performance come second.

-020 Processor
-2MB of RAM for the Player.
-HardDrive and 3MB of RAM for the Editor.
-For big projects more resources may be needed.

Press Help while adding triggers to objects for additional Help.
More documentation can be found at http://tiny.cc/redpillcreator

Uses these 3rd party programs
DataToIff V1.1 - Sound File Conventer - Written by Janne Saarme 1990-1992.

Alpha notes
-RedPill is not going to be very stable, use it with caution.
-We need your help to complete RedPill development, please send us bugs and suggestions.
-Default way to Exit a game pressing the ESC key
-In RedPill player editor use F1 to turn on/off the rendering of the collision boxes.
-RedPill uses standard Amiga IFF/ILBM files.
-Sprite sheets can be 384 pixels wide, same for background images.
-RedPillPlayer will ask for the project to load every time. You can avoid that by setting up the tooltypes correctly or using command line. Also using the Export option.
-Reduce the number of colors used by the game in the screen menu as much as posible to avoid slowdowns.
-WARNING! We will try to avoid that, but future versions of RedPill may change the project structure making the projects you develop not loadable.

Upgrading from older Redpill versions
When upgrading program, it is very recommended to make a backup of your projects, then open them with the new RedPill editor and save them.
Redpil Editor is programmed to upgrade your projects automatically, but if many versions have passed without upgrading a massive upgrade could cause some problems.

Upgrading from 0.6.x to 0.7.x
The number of levels were incorrectly calculated, this will be fixed when opening the project, making the loading longer. Once the project is saved using 0.7.x version this will be fixed and next loading will be faster.
A new file named tileset0.rpb will be created. This file is necessary to use some of the new RedPill features.

Preparing a game for distribution
-Open your game and then click on Export.
-A folder named export will be created inside your project folder.
-Export folder is your game folder to distribute.
-The exported .redpill file cannot be open in the editor.

Release notes
-All new games will be created in the projects folder. When starting the editor the main things you can do are creating a new project or loading an old one.
-Examples folder has been removed.
-Fast loading options have been added to access quickly your last loaded games.
-Mulipalette example has been added, it shows how to use two different 16 colors tilesets and 16 color sprites in a 32 color game.
-Side X behaviour has been refactored, behaviour could be slightly different.
-Anim Comp condition trigger has been implemented, it can replace Anim is and Anim is not triggers.
-Anims with loop now allow a Next Anim to be filled, when the looping anim is stopped it will play the specified next animation.
-Level being edited can now be changed in the Edit Level screen.
-If foreground and background colors chosen in the dialogs are the same the text color chosen will change.
-An issue when going back from Tiles screen has been fixed.
-Issue with Text Dialogs rendering has been fixed.

-Action triggers have been optimized to speed up the object processing.
-Fixed possible error when using many audio files.
-Fixed game object icons failing to render in exported projects.
-Action trigger animation to angle was not working under certain conditions.
-Optimized memory used by objects when using REDPILLPlayer.
-Optimized chip memory used by objects when using REDPILLPlayer.
-CD32 Red button does not trigger Fire1 anymore.

-Fixed issue where object icons were not visible in runtime.
-Added action trigger to Set Target to closest object of one type.
-Tile solidity properties is now graphically visible in the Tile properties screen.
-Added action trigger Multiply Speed by Var(iable).
-Added action trigger to set a Var(iable) with the count objects of some type.
-Keep on screen trigger moved to the render cathegory.
-Added action trigger Set Display Pos to set the position of an object relative to the screen.
-Added options in sound screen to remove Sounds and Modules.
-Experimental PlayCD32 trigger improved.

-Added action trigger PlayCD32 to play audio tracks (Experimental).
-Added condition trigger to compare two Vars.
-Fixed CD32 buttons input triggers.
-Changed copper routine to avoid bottom color be displayed on top of the screen.
-HUD fixes in text values.
-Fixes in sprite background loading.
-Follow camera fixes.
-Fix for a bug where some statics objets could be overwritten by instanced objects.
-General bug fixing.

-Please make a backup of your projects before upgrading them to 0.7.4, the .pill format has changed.
-Camera follow does not follow the object when it is not active in the current level.
-Force NTSC in Screen menu forces the game to run in NTSC resolution.
-Non visible objects icon is visible now in level edit screen.
-CD32 red button now activates fire1 button.
-Export function now exports less redundant files.
-Scroll coordinates now reset when a level is loaded or reloaded.

-Program stack size increased to 32Kb to avoid unstability and crashes when using autoslice.
-Sorting and rendering by Z has been recoded to avoid objects disappearing.
-Fix: Screen Flash trigger was not working when HUD was on top.
-File requesters now have a maximum size.
-Fixed an issue preventing from changing Var pages when selecting a Var in the triggers.
-Sound module code is now more robust to avoid memory leaks.

-Parts of the HUD were erased under certain circumstances, this has been fixed.
-Camera Follow now doesn't follow the Object when it is not active.
-In Grid Slice, an empty frame was considered, reducing the number of available frames, this has been fixed.
-Set Speed C action triggers now changes the side the Object if facing.
-Set Speed X from var now takes into account the side, if side is left speed X will be negative.
-Some glitches removed when switching between menus.
-Minor fixes in audio.
-Some other minor fixes.

-Export added in main screen to export the project into an encrypted .redpill file. This file can only be opened from the Redpill player.
-Export will create a folder named export, this export folder is the distribution folder of your game.
-Now each map can have its own tileset, the palette will be adapted to the spritesheet palette if there aren't enough colors available.
-This also means each level now has its own palette saved in a separate file
-Help for triggers is available inside the editor, just select a trigger and press the Help key. Sadly it is not finishing and not all triggers are documented, but it will come.
-Condition triggers had a general optimization resulting in faster condition evaluation.
-Level object screen has been changed to allow editing in a simpler way, several issues have been fixed.
-Object triggers can be exported to text for easier and global visualization.
-External text editor can be set in the icon, just like the image editor.
-In the HUD, the icon sprite used can be set with either a number or number variable.
-Added manual sprite cut to manually cut frames from a spritesheet.
-Added action trigger Angle to target that sets the GO angle to point the target, useful for shots and many more.
-Added action trigger Tiled Move <X in tiles> <Y in tiles> to move objects in tiles.
-Added action trigger Tiled Push to push other others away when moving objects with Tiled Move.
-Collision boxes changed to the old (and better) routine.
-Animation frames can now last less than 0.05.
-Tabs added in the level editor screen for faster ediing.
-Minimap tab added to the level editor for quick visualization of tiles and game objects, and map repositioning.
-Sound Generator added to create new sounds inside the editor, the save feature uses DataToIff V1.1 - Sound File Conventer - Written by Janne Saarme 1990-1992.
-Bouncing example added in the examples directory.
-Pillman game example has been added to the projects folder.
-Red color has been added in the editor for some menus and UI elements.
-Dialog engine noe uses AGA colors when the game is AGA.
-Added protection code to the custom load font, if font is not found it should not break.
-If the background sprites cannot be loaded then level sprites are deactivated.
-Frame has been removed from the HUD Bar element
-HUD Bar element now can show timer variables.
-Issue fixed with HUD texts numbers not being erased correctly.
-Fixed issue with triggers Hit->CustomX not working properly.
-Lumberjack platform by Lemming880 has been added to the projects.

-Use the Editor tooltip to choose your IFF paint program, then in tiles and spritesheet screen you can quickly edit your images.
-Added action trigger New Question <question id> <text> to start a new question.
-Added action trigger Add Answer <value> <text> to add a new answer to the started question.
-Added action trigger Ask Question <var>, that will set up a variable with the value from answer.
-Now it is easier to set up the text to use in Show Text/Dialog.
-Text and Dialogs now stop the other triggers from being processed.
-In Level Objects screen you can use 1 and 2 to quickly move between levels.
-Added extra check to HUD code.
-Added extra checks to LoadSound.
-On load level added extra frame to avoid corrupted graphics.
-Fixed Color 0 being overwritten with certain settings.
-Disabled Blitz2 bitmap out bounds check.

-General trigger processing has been optimized.
-Collision system now uses internal blitz basic collision function.
-Optimized trigger Collides type, it should be much faster.
-Optimized trigger Sort by Z.
-Extra checks added to level editor flood fill.
-For grounded objets to trigger bottom collision every tick now they must have height.

-Added new action trigger Play SFX L+R to play a sound on all channels.
-Added some wait time after loading sounds to avoid floppy drive stay turned on.
-Fix for texts being lost after playing the game in the editor.
-Fix for color value in HUD components being assigned to label color.

-Added action trigger Set Z from Y to update Z value of objects based on Y. The lower in screen is the object the bigger the Z will be (more in front of everything).
-Added action trigger Sort in Z to update rendering of objects based on Z. It is very unoptimized for now, better not to use it every frame.
-FIX: Fixed a bug in Y scrolling with big maps, introduced in last version.
-FIX: In editor static objects at (0,0) where not active until level editor was used.
-FIX: Reseting the project before a load to avoid unwanted project overlapping.
-FIX: Reseting some editor variables when switching or creating a new project.

-Scroll routines are more optimal than in previous version/s.
-Condition Timer not Active has been added.
-Now the Save&Load Checkpoint triggers take into account the level, and will reload it in case it is necessary.
-Fix in Mutate To trigger, for some cases it was not keeping the old position coordinates.
-In Animation screen, now you can choose the reference cross to be in the center or in the bottom.
-In Animation screen, the frame was not refreshing after changing start frame, this has been fixed.
-Action triggers added to Set Custom Var 0 and Custom Var 1 of objects using the value of one global var.
-Action triggers added to Increment Custom Var 0 and Custom Var 1 of objects using the value of one global var.
-Now the global REDPILL settings are saved and loaded.
-Change Tile trigger was been reimplemented to be faster.
-In Game Setup screen you can choose if the timers will use real clock or a fixed time (classic Amiga way).
-In HUD when using a bar, the filled bar cannot overflow the maximum anymore
-When an object is grounded will trigger a bottom collision.
-Some minor optimization in objects update.
-Fixed screen shake trigger that was not working in certain situations.

-Joystick button reading has been changed as it was behaving oddly in WinUAE. On real Amiga it was fine.
-Action trigger Recoil has been added.
-In Level editing, multitile grabbing support has been fixed to work fine in all places of the tileset.
-Spritesheet autoslice was causing a crash in some cases, this has been fixed.
-Spritesheet autoslice now shows progress visually.
-There was a bug on scroll init that in some causes was showing wrong tiles in the initial screens.
-Added confirmation request when exiting the program.

-About and Settings sections have been merged in Settings.
-New Project now asks for confirmation.
-Only used gameobjects are saved, decreasing the size of the .pill file significantly.
-New cursor design
-Added a Clear Map button to clear the current map.
-In Level menu, you can specify the exits of the map in the 4 directions. The exits point to other level numbers, use -1 to assign no exit.
-Added action trigger Keep on Map to avoid an object getting out of map dimensions.
-Added action trigger Check Exits to check current object against map dimensions and it will trigger the change of level.
-Added 4 action triggers Set Exit <X> to modify the level exits.
-Added Impact action trigger to transmit motion impact from one object to the impacted one.
-Flash Object trigger no longer makes the object blink, it stays in the same color for the length of the flash.
-Change between levels has been modified to avoid a frame with incorrect render at the start of the change.
-Added checks to avoid a crash when the system cannot find the tileset file in the project.

-Fixed issue in ECS machines that could end in a crash.
-Fixed issue with games with multiple songs.
-Fixed issue when overwriting projects that ended making the file bigger than it should.
-Added delays after reading files to avoid the floppy drive being on when it should not.
-After starting to play a mod file the Amiga filter is turned off.
-Fixed issue with sprite backgrounds moving at loop speed and showing an artifact.

-Added Import text map feature, this is a text file using comma separated values. tIDE for example uses this format.
-Sprite background code is removed when using a ECS machine. AGA and ECS projects can use the background, it will not show up in ECS machines.
-Sprite background now loops properly every 256 pixels.
-Sprite background movement is disabled during dialogs.
-Added the possibility to allow the sprite backgrond to be affected by camera movement, this value could be fractional.
-Fixed bug when going from a level with sprite backgeround to one without.

-To ease delevopment trigger parameters will show static or not static objects depending on the trigger support.
-Animation screen has been improved with step by step controls (keys 1 and 2).
-In animation screen use space to play/stop the animation.
-Background independent scroll is supported with Amiga sprites. This feature is still experimental and background image must be a 256x256 4 colors image. Astro project shows this feature.
-Borders wont show anymore the background copper effect (ECS only).
-Objects menu has a different color, another test.
-Volume request has been disabled, this could help to prevent a crash when loading the project and paths have changed.
-Fixed bug with parameters being messed up when deleting a trigger.
-Mirror game added to the package.

-Added support for song modules compressed in PowerPacker.
-Added Fade In and Fade Out action trigggers.
-Added On Fade Out condition to trigger something when fade is complete.
-Fixed a graphics glitch at the start of the games.
-Some fixes in scroll routines.
-Small changes that could make the game unstable.

-Added volume settings for the songs in the audio menu.
-Added condition triggers Collides Player X and Collides Player Y to check only one dimension.
-Added action trigger Change Type to change type of object.
-Platform code modified to avoid unwanted behaviour in certain conditions.
-Scroll code modified to avoid certain artifacts and some problems with tiles of 24 pixels.

-If camera target changes more than one screen of distance instead of a travelling the camera moves immediatly to the target.
-Between two frames the scroll is going to move half of a tile at most.
-Scroll speed has been optimized.
-Bug on the top tile row when scrolling up has been fixed.
-Action Set var trigger when used in booleans will change UI of the parameter to suit boolean values
-Condition trigger Var True fixed because curiosly it was failing with booleans.
-Added action triggers Load/Save/Reset checkpoint that will load/save the object position.
-New action trigger Change Tiles will change every the tiles in the area of the game object.
-Fixed a bug in the Level Object screen where some collision boxes where displayed in incorrect locations.
-A new trigger WallJump has been added to the triggers library.
-Changed and fixed in the show text/dialog engine.
-Basic_platformer game example has been updated.

-Added a sound volume setting for each sfx in the audio screen.
-Added flags to gameobjects to allow them to be awaken or processed only when they are in the screen.
-For awaken objects there is a flag to put them to sleep when they are out of the screen.
-Render processing now should be faster for objects not inside the screen.
-Now it is possible to delete any trigger, not just the last one.
-Added Save and Load options for a single trigger.
-Fixed dialogs not properly aligned when HUD was not enabled.
-Fixed a missing pixel line when the sprite was in certain positions in big levels.
-SetPos to Obj trigger was repeteated twice, duplicity has been removed.
-IncPos trigger was missing, it has been added back.
-Load and save triggers filename extension were inconsistent, it has been fixed.

-First alpha release.
-Debug files RedPillPlayerDebug and RedPillEditorDebug have been removed.
-File format has changed, and old projects need to be updated. Backup your project, load it and save it again to upgrade it.
-Instead of a single file, levels of the project are save in individual files. Each level now has its own file, maximum number of levels has been increased from 10 to 100.
-In Level Editor, now you have a reload level option in case you want to discard your changes.
-Each project now contains a text file too. Game texts for now are only used in Show Text and Show Dialog triggers.
-Number of animations increased from 32 to 64.
-Scroll routine has been optimized, now it uses much less cpu.
-Triggers have cathegories to find them easier: General, Input, Vars, Objects, Cinematic, Map, Render, and Audio.
-Objects can have a parent object, in that case their position will be dependant on the parent object.
-For an object with Parent you can specify the offset in X and Y, also if is if affected by parent direction (lateral or 360).
-Triggers to manipulate parent properties: Set parent, Unset Parent and Parent Offset.
-Added trigger to Blink a game object for a number of frames.
-Added trigger to Flash a game object for a number of frames.
-REDPILL exe files are now packed with Shrinkler to reduce its filesize.
-When no trigger is selected, now it goes back to trigger screen instead of going back to object screen.
-REDPILL player logo is now animated.
-Action Trigger Mutate to <gameobject> allows a gameobject to transform to another type, use with caution.
-Action Trigger Keep On Screen to avoid objects get out of the screen.
-Hud on top has been implemented.
-Added triggers to turn Hud On and Hud off.
-HUD now supports a background image, you can add it in the HUD screen.
-HUD Labels and HUD values can be set to a color.
-HUD Labels now can be a text or an icon.
-HUD Values now can be a text, an icon or a bar.
-Game Object icons now support values up to 254.
-Text display triggers with/out title and with support for multiple pages, show Text for only text and Show Dialog for title + text.
-This versions contains an Amigaguide file that in the future will contain REDPILL documentation.
-Fixed a bug when using Once condition trigger.
-Allowing negative render coordinates.
-Action trigger Keep On Screen added to keep a game object inside the screen.
-When an object collides with a ramp now it is considered a bottom collision and will trigger collision triggers.

-You can set now Z of the objects to set the drawing order. The lower the number the later they will be drawn.
-Added condition Trigger On Level Load that will be activated each time a level is loaded.
-Added action trigger Halt Triggers that will stop trigger execution in that object. This is useful for example to prevent objects outside screen to check all triggers and waste CPU.
-Play Mod action trigger added to play 4 channel mods. Old trigger has been renamed to Play Mod+SFX.
-Added Hit>Set Custom1/2 action triggers to set custom vars of the object being hit by current object.
-Added Hit>Inc Custom1/2 action triggers to increase custom vars of the object being hit by current object.
-Fixed bug that prevented color 0 being overwritten when using background images.
-Fixed bug that prevented rest of actions in a trigger being executed after a level change.
-Added example trigger with 4 directions control.
-Game was not correctly loaded when it was in the path root, for example in DF0: this is now fixed.
-Error message is displayed when Redpillplayer cannot find the path to the project.
-Fixed bug in Level screen that prevented objects being displayed when they were at coordinates x=0 or y=0.

-Triggers folder now contains some basic examples for triggers. We start with a 8 direction trigger for top-down games and a jump trigger for side view games.
-Fixed issue with some static objects being lost when changing levels if they have been deactivated.
-Fixed issue that prevented the correct animation being shown for some objects when changing levels.

-In input screen now it is possible to decide if object follows only X or Y axis when using mouse.
-Position 0 limit for X and Y coordinates has dissapeared. But minimum drawing coordinates are still 0.
-New action trigger Set position to Object position to make the position of one object equal to another one.
-Fixed Action triggers Instantiate X, Instantiate Y, and Instantiate XY.
-Instantiate XY uses parameter one for Object and parameter two for X and Y coordinates. X and Y will be the same.
-ECS screen setups now uses less copper operations (internal change).
-Audio can be disabled in the Editor using the Settings menu.
-Change tile trigger reimplemented.
-Fix: Time to live counters are resetted when instantiating objects.
-Fix: Changing level now resets the values of dynamic objects.
-Fix: Move to level now resets the tile map of the level.
-Momospace project updated.

-Added action trigger to set a random value to Custom Object var 1.
-Added action trigger to set a random value to Custom Object var 2.
-Added action trigger to set a random value to Custom Object timer.
-Fixed a bug when detecting if joystick buttons were released
-Fixed UI bug that caused a change in the action when changing second parameter of a condition.

-You can select the font to be used in the game inside the Game Setup menu.
-Objects now have Custom1 and Custom2 vars that can be used for energy, health, shots, etc.
-Condition and action triggers have been added to set, modify and check the object custom vars.
-A custom timer has been added too, use Set GO Timer to start it, and GO Timer Trig to check if it has been triggered.
-Options key is now supported, condition trigger added to check its status.
-When enabling and disabling HUD objects, HUD will be cleaned up only if a change has been done.
-Fixed a bug in RedPillPlayer when using tooltypes that prevented the games from starting.
-Fixed a bug in RedPillPlayer causing Reload level to act like Restart level.

-Added CD32 pad support, triggers added to read Play/Pause, Forward, Reverse, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue buttons.
-Added NTSC support.

-Input menu has been implemented, now you can change game keys or use mouse input.
-Mouse input implemented, for now it is limited to games without scrolling.
-Joy button implementation is now completed.
-Number of Globals that can be used has been increased from 14 to 32.
-Added condition trigger Anim is not [animation].
-Action trigger Time to live [time] to destroy an object after a certain time is now implemented.
-Added action trigger to screenshake[force][time] screen.
-Added action trigger to flash[color] screen.
-Added action trigger to set a Global value with the value of another one.
-Added action trigger to add the value of a Global to another one.
-Added action trigger Set Global RND [number] to set up a Global with a random number from 0 to [number].
-Added action trigger Inc Pos[x][y] to move manually the position of an object.
-Added Instantiate X[x], Instantiate Y[y] and Instantiate XY[x][y] to instantiate objects at the desired position have been added.
-Autoflip routine is now more robust to avoid crashes.
-Routine to check collisions has more checks to avoid crashes.
-Solved bug in Collides With Object trigger.
-Scroll routine has been optimized, still not super fast.
-Gameobject trigger execution time has been optimized.
-OK button has been moved for some screens to avoid button overlapping.
-Redpill puzzle game by Lemming880 has been added.
-Basic platformer example project has been added.
-Basic shooter example project has been added.
-Pang and pacman projects have been removed.

-Maximum number of frames increased from 100 to 320.
-Platform code has been reviewed to avoid artifacts.
-Project spritesheet is loaded on project loading, no need to reload it ecah time.
-Bigger default camera limits, full map limit as default.
-Scroll is now working on the tile selection screen and tile properties screen.
-Sprite sheet slices are less prone to crash the program when something unexpected happens.
-Added action trigger to set a game object visible or not.
-Fixed a bug on angle initializing causing some objects to start on incorrect angles.
-Fixed a bug that was showing different frame offsets between the animation screen and the runtime.

-Games from the RedPill game competition by Amiga Wave have been included: MomoSpace by Tecniman and Amiga Racing by Juande3050.
-Support for big maps, now map are 84x84 tiles by default. You can modify maximum width and height in the Edit Map screen.
-You can use shift key to speed up movement when moving around the level for editing.
-Ramps are back! Ramp up and down at 45 degrees.
-Platform code was not working as intended, object was colliding as if it was solid. It is now fixed.
-Tiled binary imported allows to read tilemaps made with Tiled. You must convert them to binary first.
-Added condition triggers Is on Screen and Is off screen to check if the GameObject is inside the game screen.
-Added contition trigger to check the current level.
-Added action triggers to set the Camera position and to increment the Camera position.
-Frame displayed now changes immediatly when changing frame in animation scree.
-Offset line helpers in Animation Screen now go to the end of the screen.
-Added clear option in HUD screen to clear variables used by labels.
-Camera is now reseted when starting the game or when changing a level.
-When a GameObject is not enabled in the current level it is showed in black in the Level Edit screen.
-Angular code is not recalculated every frame, this should help to increase performance.
-Fixed a bug with tiles bigger than index 127.
-Set of different fixes for the HUD.
-Fixed a bug causing a crash in ECS machines with projects being created in AGA machines.

-In Animation Menu offset of each frame can now be changed by dragging the image with the mouse.
-In game setup you can select if you want enemies to collide against other enemies to avoid them using the same space.
-Edit Level has been renamed to edit map, map now only refers to the level tilemap.
-Background image in map edit screen can now be removed using the new Remove button.
-Load map and Save map features have been added.
-Added a condition trigger to check tiles with a comparison. Old one is keep for compatibility.
-Added condition trigger to check if tile is solid. Parameters are the offset in X or Y to check adjacent tiles.
-Added condition trigger to check if tile is not solid. Parameters are the offset in X or Y to check adjacent tiles.
-Added action trigger to go to the next level (this sounded epic).
-Added action trigger to reload trigger. Right now it does the same as restart level, but in the future reload will reset the tile status of the map.
-Added action trigger to change Display Offset of the object.
-Added action trigger to change Size of the object collision box. Use it with caution.
-Animation player in animation screen now takes into consideration the target frame rate of the game.
-Tile border parameter for the tilesets is working again.
-Fix for the issue causing past keys to be written when clicking on an edit gadget.
-Fixed a graphic glitch when changing levels both in the editor and the player.
-Fixed an issue with condition parameters not being edited correctly.
-Fixed an issue causing a crash when using a background image for the level without tileset.
-Fixed a glitch when going from animation screen to the main screen.

-Trigger execution point has been changed back to the place it had in 0.4.x versions.
-Scroll update routines are only called when there is scroll, it should speed up games without scrolling.
-RedPillPlayer filesize has been greatly optimized, it is half than before.
-Amiblitz Int compile optimization has been turned on, but I noticed no difference.
-Fix for a bug that blocked object movement when collisions were not activated for that object.
-Fix for custom font not being included in previous version.
-Pacman project updated with target FPS set to 50.

-Main feature of this release is that now it uses advanced scrolling implementation. This will allow RedPill games to make use of larger maps in the future v0.5.x versions. It also allows RedPill to use less ChipRam. This could lead to some bugs that will
be fixed in next versions. Look at ScrollingTrick.lha in Aminet to know more about the implementation.
-Now multiple tile changes can happen in every frame.
-Object rendering has been changed too, BBlits are no longer used.
-Projects now have a target frame rate in the Game Setup screen: 50 fps, 25 fps, 17 fps, 12 fps. Default is 25 fps.
-Angular phyics have been redone with a more robust implementation. Shot type objects now can follow the same direction of the object Instantiating them.
-Collisions have been changed again to be more optimal and perfect.A side effect is that ramp collisions are lost in this version, they will be back soon.
-Frame offsets have been added: Now you can modify the display offset by frame.
-Grid slice has been optimized, now shapes are trimmed to its visible size.
-Animations are now changed once per frame and now everytime a PlayAnim trigger is triggered.
-Stop Anim trigger does not need a parameter anymore.
-Temp files that are stored on ram: when playing from editor now use a common name.
-Custom font is being used in the editor.
-Debug info removed from tile properties screen.
-File names in tileset menu and sprites menu are truncated if length of name is too big.
-Fixed a bug that made not possible to modify condition parameters in lines 2-5.
-Fix in calculate map dimensions.
-Fixed bug in Target Distance trigger.

-In Screen menu now you can set up the background color and also the copper rainbow color to use.
-Triggers can now be copy & pasted.
-In the camera settings now you can select the object to follow.
-Added shortcurts to go to the first and last triggers.
-Added condition trigger to know if a certain animation is playing.
-Added condition trigger to check if animation is in a certain frame.
-Added condition trigger to check if animation has reached the end.
-Added action triggers to change the background color and also the rainbow color (start and end color).
-Added action trigger to change the object the camera is following.
-Animation values can be edited directly typing the values.
-Fix for a crash that happened when playing with grid and autoslice.

-To exit a game now you have to use ESC key instead of the right mouse button.
-Camera parameter Camera Forward Focus allows to change how forward the camera moves towards where the player is facing.
-Camera parameter Camera Smoothing adds delay to the camera movement, the higher the value the smoother it will be.
-New condition triggers to check object speed X and speed Y values.
-New condition triggers to check object angle and the speed on that angle.
-On Level Objects screen clicking anywhere on the screen shows the position on the status bar.
-On Level Objects screen Object position can be set directly using the edit boxes.
-When entering Level Objects screen the first game Object is centered on screen.
-When grabbing objects on Level Objects screen now the offset where you click is taken into account.
-New project now cleans all the bitmaps from the previous loaded project.
-New action trigger to change Objects weight.
-New action trigger to change overall gravity.
-New condition trigger to check distance to target object.
-More than one level tile can be changed per frame when using Change Tile trigger.
-Collision routines have been greatly optimized.
-Fix for game display being erased everytime screen changed.
-Fix for calculate dimensions returning a value one tile short.
-Fixed tiles on the right and bottom of the level not being rendered.
-Galaga project updated with Nobody's work.Pacman project updated too.

-On the level editor, you can select more than one tile using mouse drag.
-Calculate level limits now works instead of returning maximum size.
-Camera takes into account level limits as camera limits.
-Set target trigger now uses a game object parameter instead of a number.
-Redpill logo is erased once an action takes place, just cosmetic issue.
-Fixed graphic issue when HUD values are updated.
-Fixed possible issue when changing between levels.
-Fixed incorrect collisions when using non static objects.
-Pacman and Galaga examples have been updated. Thanks to Nobody from EAB for the changes to Galaga.

-Gadget for string values has been recoded to avoid the need of an FPU.
-Levels now have dimensions to avoid unwanted camera scroll.

-Tiles can have 3 shapes: Normal, Ramp Up and Ramp Down. Define them in the Tiles screen.
-Audio: Amiga Mods can be played. Define them in the audio menu and use Play Mod trigger to play them. They are loaded at play moment, it is better to play them once at the start of the level.
-Audio: Amiga IFF sounds can be played. Define them in the audio menu and use Play Sound trigger to play them.
-Sprite color Remap now gives an error message when failing.
-Sprite generation from sprite sheets is more robust.
-Physics and platform code has been redone (again) to support the new tile shapes.
-GameObjects process has been slightly optimized.
-When editting values the previous value is not lost anymore.
-When editing levels now you can use F to flood fill the current tile.

-ECS is supported, 1MB of Chip Ram is required to run RedPill Player, plus some Fast Ram.
-Settings menu has been added, there can be configured if collision boxes are displayed when playing a game (F1 while playing does the same).
-In Game Setup menu you can set up the Gravity for the game.
-GameObjects now have a friction parameter that defines how speed changes when object collides. "Speed on col" trigger can be used to change it during runtime.
-Collision functions have been improved to avoid unwanted crashes.
-Blit buffers have been reduced to consume less chip memory.
-When RedPill is executed on an ECS machine, less chip memory is used for the graphics.
-Now less objects are drawn when they are not on screen.
-Objects of type Shot now die when they collide with another object and collision is being checked.
-Side X condition trigger has been added to check if object is looking left or right.

-Player 2 input is now available. In input triggers you can select the input to use (Player 1 - Amiga Port 1, Player 2 - Amiga Port 0)
-Collision system has been greatly improved, now they are edge based instead of point based. Also after a collision the object repositions until it is in a valid position.
-Screen parameters are now saved
-Angular parameter can now be used using the triggers "Set Angle", "Inc Angle", "Set Thrust", "Inc Trust"
-Animation can be mapped to the angle of the object using the play animation by angle trigger
-New Condition Trigger to check if a Timer is active
-New Condition Triggers to check if the object hit a collision on the left, right, top or down edges.
-Improved implementation of the Change Tile Action Trigger, but for now only supports one.
-New Action Trigger "Speed on col" that scales the speed of the object in the axis the collision was detected. Parameter set to 0 will set the speed to 0, 1 will leave it as it was, -1 will inverse the speed.
-UI feeback for buttons is back
-New Gravity like game example
-New Pacman like game example

-For now the possibility to have more than one sprite sheet has been removed.
-Animations now have a label to make them easier to identify
-Initial level in game setup now works!
-When an animation has a mirror anim, you can see it at the same time than the current animation.
-Triggers using animations as parametersnow use animation name and helper selector
-Triggers using objects as parameters now use objects name and helper selector
-New triggers Set position X and Set position Y
-Fixed issue where non enabled objects were visible in the level edit screen
-Fixed issue when changing level in runtime background was not refreshed properly
-Fixed issue with relative paths when using background images
-Fixed issue preventing the trigger comparisons to use the parameter <> "not equal"

-Initial Pre-alpha release.

Thanks to:
Jordi Palome, Estrayk, Kikems, Lemming880, Juande3050, Fondriesete, Jojo, Tecniman, Sensei-sama, Ricky Place, Yoz Montana, Juanda, Janne Saarme and AmigaWave.


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