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Description:OktaPussy - New Driver set for Oktagon, etc.
Developer:Oliver Kastl
Short: OktaPussy - New Driver set for Oktagon, etc.
Author: olli@elaborate-bytes.com (Oliver Kastl)
Uploader: olli elaborate-bytes com (Oliver Kastl)
Type: disk/misc
Version: 2.1
Requires: OS 2.04
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Date: 24.11.98
Url: http://www.elaborate-bytes.com



- New drivers for ALF-III, Oktagon 508/2008/4008, TandemCD,
AlfaPower, AT-Bus 2008

- Installs in the RDSK Blocks of your Harddisk - super fast boot!

- 4 methods of installation:
RDSK-Blocks, Reset-Resident(with LoadIDE),
Expansion driver, Direct-Start.

- All devices support the TD64 command set. Drives >4GB shouldn't
be a problem any more!

A new release of the ancient HDInstTools program can be found in a different
archive (hdinst.lha).


2.1 (final)

Removed beta alert.

AutoParkPrefs: Changed inactivity time from seconds to minutes.

1.9 (beta)

ALF3 and Oktagon: Odd length SCSI direct transfers didn't work. This caused
some Scanner Software to fail (and probably other Software, too?)

OktagonPrefs: Changing TaskPri didn't work, if RETURN wasn't pressed in the
TaskPri Gadget.

Updated Documentation.

1.8 (beta)

Removed time limit on all drivers.

1.7 (beta)

Improved Data Transfer Speed on ALF3 and Oktagon.
Increased Beta Testing time on all drivers.

1.6 (beta)

Fixed bug in BlockTransfer code, which didn't work on sector sizes, which are
not evenly dividable by 16.
As a result, burning of CDs in MODE2/FORM2 didn't work.

1.5 (beta)

Some CD-Writer models got accidently mounted as Super-Floppies.
Completely reworked DriveInit mechanism, the new device is now
patched into the system "on the fly".
WARNING: The DriveInitCode MUST be installed on the FIRST drive
having RDSK Blocks! (Usually unit 0)
If you don't follow this rule, your computer WILL crash!

1.4 (beta)

Greatly improved data transfer routines for Oktagon and ALF3 drivers.
Reworked support for variable blocksizes. CD reading/writing works
like a charm (Tested with MakeCD, CDD-2000 Writer, Pioneer 12x CD-ROM)!
Improved disconnect/reconnect capabilities. Disconnect should now work
with the strangest devices like CD-Writers and Streamers.
Removed LUN adding into CDB.
Now always sends an Identify message, regardless of disabled reconnect
(WARNING: This might break the operation of the Kodak/Verbatim Floppy!
Does anyone has such a beast?)
Added SlowTransfer mode for SONY SDT-9000 DAT. Might help others, too.
OktagonPrefs got a SlowTransferMode switch.
Removed obsolete SYNCH switch in OktagonPrefs.
TD_GETGEOMETRY now always calculates a nice, logical Geometry.

1.3 (beta)

Drivers now have a timed display alert, which will automatically enable
OktaPussy after about 10 seconds.

DriveInit now gives an error code, if writing of RDSK blocks failed.
Error codes are:

rdbERROR_IOERROR 1001 (Exec device I/O error)
rdbERROR_BADHARDBLOCK 1002 (Weird hardblocks, checksums invalid, etc.)
rdbERROR_RDSKNOTFOUND 1003 (No RDSK blocks found)
rdbERROR_NOTIMPLEMENTED 1004 (Unimplemented feature called! You found a bug!)
rdbERROR_TOOMANYBLOCKS 1005 (No space on harddisk to save DriveInit)

Improved strategy for getting drive's sector size, as TD_GETGEOMETRY fails
with older versions of oktagon.device.
(Do these old versions support drive init at all?
I can't remember, but I believe Version 4 or better of oktagon.device
supports it)

1.2 (beta)

Removed annoying nag requester with a nice, less annoying DisplayAlert.
Fixed bug in initialisation of AT driver.

1.1 (beta)

Fixed stupid typo in ALF3 driver which rendered it useless.

1.0 (beta)

Initial release

OktaPussy is copyrighted software. © 1997 Elaborate Bytes, Oliver Kastl.
This software is freely distributable, if NO profit, except reasonable charges
covering the cost of the distribution, is made with it.
You may NOT bundle this software with hardware, if you wish to do so, please
contact me.
License is granted to distribute this Software on AmiNet and AmiNet CDs.
This software is provided "as is", without any warranties.

Upload Date:Aug 21 2019
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