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Description:A LCD game conversion.
Developer:Anbjorn Myren
Short: LCD game conversion
Author: anbjorn.myren@gmail.com (Anbjorn Myren)
Uploader: anbjorn myren gmail com (Anbjorn Myren)
Type: game/wb
Version: 1.22
Replaces: game/wb/Runaway_WOS.lha
Architecture: ppc-warpup

v.1.22: Bugfix release.
v.1.21: Added Timedemo
v.1.20: Keyboard movement more true to original. Icons now in OS3.5 format.
v.1.19: Hide/show highscores by clicking in the top area.
v.1.18: Separate Highscores for game A and B. Highscore file is
renamed to avoid mixing up with previous version.
Speed adjustment, now it will be a bit harder.
v.1.17: Now you can free captured prisoners after every 25 escape.
Game B now requires 5 chops on the wall. Keyboard mapping for
all buttons. Minor bug fixes.
Enlarged the touch area for Left and Right buttons.
v.1.16: Changed use internal fontengine. This also
removes freefont2.library dependency on OS3 and WOS versions.
v.1.15: Fixed a bug in player movements, added a downscaled version
for improved speed on slower systems. (OS3 version only)
v.1.14: Font change for more retro look
v.1.13: Added pause option
v.1.12: Lower CPU usage. Added confirmation before quitting.

Runaway is a remake of the LCD game with the same name made by Gakken.
Some editions was also labeled Searchlight.
As the game starts you will see the main character, the prisoner is
located in his cell at the top right of the screen.
The purpose of the game is to help the prisoner to escape from the
cell, while avoiding the patrolling guards and the constant moving
search light. Before escaping the prisoner must break through a fence
bofore jumping into freedom.

Just unpack the archive to any location and run it.
Note that the supplied icons are png icons.

68020 CPU and, gfx card and 7MB free RAM. The game is made with
Hollywood, so an accelerated Amiga is recommended.
For MorphOS, AmigaOS4 or Arosx86 computers, the requirements should be
met for most setups.
It is possible to scale the game window to your wish, but keep in mind
that scaling might slow down the game. If this happens, I recommend to
quit and relaunch the game, and then leave the window as is.

How to play:
To start the game, press the start/reset button, and then use the
directional buttons at the lower part of the window to select game
type A or B.
Game B is slightly harder than game A, but will give you a higher
score for escaping.
When the game is running, you will use these direction buttons to move
the prisoner left or right. There are two additional smaller buttons,
Audio and About/Pause. Audio will toogle the sound on/off.
The About/Pause button will display the About screen if the game is not
started. When the game is running it will pause the game.
Keyboard mapping: S = Start/Reset, H = Show/hide the highscores,
A = Audio toggle, SPACE = About/Pause, Z or LEFT ARROW = Left,
Clicking on the top area of the window will also toggle show/hide

Rules of the game:
Objective of the game is to move the prisoner from the cell, through
the area of the searchlight, to the wall where he must chop through
the wall and escape to freedom. This must be done without being spotted
by the searchlight or being caught by the guards. After the prisoner
has escaped there will be a new prisoner in the cell, and the process
Through the searchlight zone there are two blind-spots where the
prisoner can hide safely from the searchlight, behind the barrel
or behind a bush. You are also safe from the searchlight while
standing by the wall to the left, and of course in the cell.
You will get caught if you are out of the cell the moment the guard
on the right side comes to inspect the cell. You will also get caught
if the left side guard catches you while you are standing by the left
It is possible to free captured prisoners, after 25 successful escapes
one prisoner will be set free. If you get caught the escape-counter is
reset, so you need 25 escapes without getting caught.
Game B is similar to Game B, but the right side guard will apear more
often and the speed of the game is a bit faster. For both Game A and B
the game speed will increase depending on the points scored without
being caught. In game A it will require 3 hits to break the wall,
while in game B 5 hits is required.
You will get one point for every step the prisoner advances to the
left, and for every time chopping the wall. Each escape gives 5 points.

This game is released as freeware for the Amiga, and also available at
google play for Android. Available for other platforms on request.

Any feedback would also be welcome.

Upload Date:Mar 22 2021
Size:2 MB