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Description:ComicOn downloads the strip of your choice and displays it to you.
Developer:Jörg Renkert
ComicOn V1.0 (C) 2019 Jörg Renkert

You surely know these short comic-strips, shown in newspapers.
Every day a new strip.

Nowadays, these strips are stored on webservers.
ComicOn simply downloads the strip of your choice and displays it to you.
Simply select a Comic and a date. ComicOn opens the strip for you.

ComicOn was done using Hollywood. It requires some Hollywood-plugins, which you
can download on the Hollywood-portal.

ComicOn uses MUI and gives you an intuitive GUI for easy browseing the strips.

An inbuilt disableable cache-system speeds up browsing through the comics.
But beware! One comic-strip takes about 50k of memory. So be sure, to have enough disk-space!
For bug-reports and suggestions contact me at annaistlieb@googlemail.com

Have much fun with the following comic-strips!
- Garfield
- Calvin and Hobbes
- Pickles
- Bloom County
- Non-Sequitur
- Overboard
- Adam@Home
- Scary Gary
- Bound and Gagged
- The other Coast
- Dog eat Doug
- Peanuts
- Daddy's Home
- Cleats
- The Duplex
- BC
- Zack Hill
- Lio
- Fort Knox
- Shoe
- In The Sticks
- Chuckle Brothers
- Rabbits against Magic
- The Fusco Brothers
- Cul de Sac
- The Barn
- Pooch Cafe
- Bob the Squirrel
- Brewster Rockit
- Heart of the City
- It's all about you
- Home and Away
- Red and Rover
- On A Claire Day

Upload Date:Apr 28 2021
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