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Description:TCP/IP router stack (MUI archive).
Developer:Holger Kruse
Short: TCP/IP router stack (MUI archive)
Author: kruse@nordicglobal.com
Uploader: kruse nordicglobal com
Type: comm/tcp
Version: 3.2b2
Requires: OS 2.04 or higher, 68020+, MUI 3.8+
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

This is the MUI module for Miami Deluxe 1.0c.
Miami Deluxe is an easy-to-use TCP/IP stack for Internet
access and access to local networks, complete with
dialer, PPP, (C)SLIP and auto-configuration tools. It
supports multiple interfaces, routing IP-NAT, SOCKSD,
dial-on-demand and much more.

You will also need other archives -- see below.

Minimum requirements:

- Any Amiga with Kick/WB2.04 or higher

- 68020 or higher

- MUI 3.8 or higher

Miami Deluxe 1.0c is distributed across two archives: one
main archive and one GUI module.

- MiamiDx10c-main.lha: Main archive. *Everybody* needs to
download this archive.

- MiamiDx10c-MUI.lha: MUI user interface module for
MiamiDx. Requires MUI 3.8 or higher.

At this time you need to download both archives.

Holger Kruse

Upload Date:Aug 20 2017
Size:90 KB
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