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Description:AfA One 1.2 update
AfA One v1.2 update: System RTG based on AfA-OS 4.8, requires prior installation of OS 3.9 BB4 "not included"!

Changes :

- HardFile AfA One Installer is now a HDF standard
- Fixed Themes with "Workbench Preferences GhostBuster Edition"
- Added Pointers in the various Themes
- New Skins Windows AfA OS (created by me)
- Added AmigaAMP 3.25
- Amiplifier 2.35 (add new Skin)
- Added two Radio On-line Playlists associated with AmigaAMP (found in the Media folder)
- Added Pattern in Reaction prefs to decorate GUI


- AMIGA Real FPU/CPU 060 - RTG Video Card(not tested)
- WinUAE FPU/CPU 020/030/040+JIT 256RAM UAE Zorro III 256 MB RAM
- Minimum 2GB HD/HardFile Space
- Initialize HD/HardFile formatting with SFS/PFS Filesystem
- Full Installation OS3.9 + BB1/BB2 (Update ROM) /BB3/BB4
- On OS 3.9 Installed, delete "all" the contents of the SYS:WBStartup folder
- On OS 3.9 Installed, delete SYS:Utilities/Amplifer
- Copy all the content of the Hardfile "AfA One.hdf" to HD OS 3.9 overwriting everything (use a fast system)
- Install MUI Key (to get the right MUI settings on your applications)
- Copy File Kickstart 3.1 (Rename "KickStart31" ) to SYS:Devs/Kickstarts/ (this will move the windows out of the Workbench screen)
- Configure WinUAE at maximum power, use config files included in the archive (.uae) changing only the paths.

WHDLoad is installed you only need to copy your KickStart.

Good installation :great
Upload Date:Aug 28 2019
Size:2 MB
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