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Developer:Oliver Roberts
Short: ZSoft PCX datatype V45.5
Author: oliver@futaura.co.uk (Oliver Roberts)
Uploader: oliver futaura co uk (Oliver Roberts)
Type: util/dtype
Version: 45.5
Requires: OS 3.0+,picture.datatype v43+
Architecture: m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; ppc-warpup

Changes since previous Aminet release:

- Ignore palette information for 1-bit images, since some
applications put bogus values there (including Photoshop) and
always render as black/white monochrome instead.
- Updated with the latest WarpDT engine build.
- Added workaround for a bug in OS4 which can cause a crash when a
requester is opened (bug fixed in intuition.library 53.32).
- Fixed (VBCC fix) potential system lockup when calling the GM_RENDER
method in the WarpOS version (e.g. when using Multiview with the
AfA OS picture.datatype).
- Added workaround for a bug in OS4's datatypes.library DTST_MEMORY
- Enabled virtual memory usage in OS4 version.
- Asynchronous i/o now uses dos/SendPkt instead of exec/PutMsg.
- MorphOS and WarpOS versions recompiled with VBCC 0.9a.
- OS4 version recompiled with latest SDK.
- Added AmiUpdate support.
- Updated Spanish installer strings.


- Read standard ZSoft PC Paintbrush PCX files, including less common
non-standard modes which Cloanto Personal Paint can save

- Supports pixel bit depth of 1 or 8 and 1-8 planes of data, covering
mono 1-bit images upto 24-bit RGB, both RLE compressed and uncompressed

- Highly optimized datatype dispatch engine and PCX decoder,
resulting in a very efficient, compact and quick PCX datatype

- Asynchronous double buffering techniques (WarpOS only) and file i/o,
which speeds up image decoding

- Optimized versions for 68020, 030, 040 and 060

- PowerPC support with native OS4, WarpOS and MorphOS versions

- Alter the pen allocation precision when images are remapped to an
8-bit display

- Specific support for the AmigaOS picture.datatype v44+, when available

- The dithering feature of the AmigaOS picture.datatype v44+ can be
configured to your liking (e.g. disabled for 15/16-bit displays)


This datatype needs the following in order to work:

- Kickstart 3.0 or higher
- picture.datatype v43 or higher
(i.e. either of the ones supplied with AmigaOS 3.5+, P96 or CGraphX)

68k version

- 68020 processor or higher (optimized versions included)

WarpOS version

- PPC accelerator card + 68040/060
- WarpUp Release 5.0 or higher

OS4 version

- PPC accelerator card / AmigaOne / SAM
- AmigaOS 4.0 or higher

MorphOS version

- PPC accelerator card / Pegasos / Efika
- MorphOS 1.4 or higher

Note that a graphics card is not necessary.

Upload Date:Aug 24 2017
Size:64 KB