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Developer:Oliver Roberts
Short: TIFF and BigTIFF image datatype V45.9
Author: oliver@futaura.co.uk (Oliver Roberts)
Uploader: oliver futaura co uk (Oliver Roberts)
Type: util/dtype
Version: 45.9
Requires: OS 3.0+,picture.datatype v43+
Architecture: m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; ppc-warpup

Changes since previous Aminet release:

- Can now load image files conforming to the BigTIFF specification.
- Added JPEG AltiVec speed optimizations for the OS4 and MorphOS
versions making decoding speed of baseline images 1.5x faster on
a G4 and 1.9x faster on a PA6T, with fancy upsampling off, on
average. These optimizations can be toggled off/on using the new
USE_ALTIVEC setting.
- JPEG Huffman decoder in PowerPC versions is now 5-10% faster.
- Applications may now configure the datatype settings via a local
variable, overriding any global user settings present in ENV:.
- Replaced usage of old Exec and Dos OS4 functions with the new ones.
- Updated with libtiff 4.0.6, zlib 1.2.8 and jpeglib 9b.
- OS4 version and MorphOS AltiVec code recompiled with GCC 5.2.0.
- MorphOS and WarpOS versions recompiled with VBCC 0.9d.


- Supports 5.0 and 6.0 TIFF and BigTIFF specification files, including
those using Packbits, Thunderscan, CCITT (fax), Pixar, LogLuv (CIE and
SGILog), LZW, Deflate (zip), JBIG and JPEG (old and new) compression
schemes, plus uncompressed files

- Image types supported include RGB (24-bit, 48-bit and 96-bit),
palette based / greyscale (1-bit, 2-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit and
32-bit), CMYK (32-bit, 64-bit and 128-bit), YCbCr and CIELab

- Can handle Xerox / ScanSoft Pagis XIF files (eXtended Image Format)

- Supports image data organized as strips, tiles or separate components

- For multi-image files, applications may choose which picture to decode

- Scaling options for high resolution fax images

- Highly optimized datatype dispatch engine, and fast TIFF decoder,
resulting in a very efficient, compact and quick TIFF datatype

- Asynchronous file i/o and double buffering techniques (WarpOS only),
which speeds up image decoding

- Optimized versions for 68020, 030, 040 and 060

- PowerPC support with native OS4, WarpOS and MorphOS versions

- AltiVec speed optimizations (JPEG decompression) for OS4 and MorphOS

- Alter the pen allocation precision when images are remapped to an
8-bit display

- Specific support for the AmigaOS picture.datatype v44+, when available

- The dithering feature of the AmigaOS picture.datatype v44+ can be
configured to your liking (e.g. disabled for 15/16-bit displays)

- Based on libtiff 4.0.6, zlib 1.2.8, jpeglib 9b/6b and libjpeg-turbo


WarpTIFF is a TIFF datatype which utilizes and requires the following:

- Kickstart 3.0 or higher
- picture.datatype v43 or higher
(i.e. either of the ones supplied with AmigaOS 3.5+, P96 or CGraphX)

68k version

- 68020 processor or higher (optimized versions included)

WarpOS version

- PPC accelerator card + 68040/060
- WarpUp Release 5.0 or higher

OS4 version

- PPC accelerator card / AmigaOne / SAM
- AmigaOS 4.0 or higher

MorphOS version

- PPC accelerator card / Pegasos / Efika
- MorphOS 1.4 or higher

Note that a graphics card is not necessary.

Upload Date:Aug 24 2017
Size:517 KB