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Developer:Stefan Becker
Short: Emulate program starting from WB (V2.2)
Author: stefanb@yello.ping.de (Stefan Becker)
Uploader: stefanb yello ping de (Stefan Becker)
Type: util/libs
Version: 2.2
Replaces: util/libs/WBStart*.lha
Requires: OS 3.0 (V39) or better
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Kurz: Emuliere Programmstart von der WB (V2.2)

WBStart is a package to emulate the Workbenchs' method of starting
programs. Emulating this method seems to be easy on the first look,
because you only have to load a program, create a process and then send a
Workbench startup message to it.

But complications arise from this startup message. It contains pointers
to memory and directory locks owned by your process and it will not be
returned until the newly created Workbench process exits. So your process
can't quit until ALL Workbench processes which have been started by your
process are finished. If you don't wait the replied messages will go into
nowhere land and the man from India will visit you.

WBStart solves this problem by using a handler process, which loads the
program, creates the process, sends the message and then waits for the
reply. You just supply all needed information like program name and
arguments in a library call. The handler copies this information so your
program can free its resources and exit.

Changes since WBStart 2.1:

- Added "Caveats" and "Credits" section.
- Added Assembler and Oberon support files.
- Clarified directory lock usage in AutoDoc entry for WBStartTagList().
- Fixed problems with softlinks and project icons introduced in 2.1.
- Now uses dospath.library for AmigaDOS path list handling.

Upload Date:Aug 16 2017
Size:26 KB