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Description:The magnifying glass program
Developer:Matthias Böcker
Short: The magnifying glass program
Author: amigazeux@gmx.net (Matthias Böcker)
Uploader: amigazeux@gmx.net (Matthias Böcker)
Type: util/wb
Version: V2.0
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0; ppc-morphos >= 3.0.0
Website: http://amigazeux.net

This is version 2.0 of Lupe. The magnifying glass program.

Lupe has been developed from 1995 to 1997 up to version 1.9 by Frank Toepper.
The source code to version 1.9 was released to Aminet by Stephan Rupprecht in
February 2000.

Porting of the original source code from C to AmigaE, support for MorphOS and
the resulting update to V2.0 with new features and a couple of bug fixes was
done by Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker.

The original Archive of Lupe V1.10ß including the source code to V1.9 is
contained in this Archive.

The AmigaE source code to Lupe 2.0 is also part of this archive.

Lupe magnifies an area surrounding the mouse pointer and displays it in a
separate window.

- The magnification factor is adjustable
- Can jump to any screen
- Crosshair
- Optionally shows mouse coordinated
- A pixel grid is available
- Special Fast-mode for fast continous updates
- Possibility to set the area to fixed coordinates
- Can show the RGB values of the current pixel
- Saving of the current window contents as IFF or PNG file
- Auto-jump to the currently active screen
- Supports CyberGfx bitmaps >8 bit depth
- Comes with a MorphOS version

Minimum Requirements are AmigaOS 3.0 for the AmigaOS/68K version.
The MorphOS version needs at least MorphOS 3.0.

PNG saving in the 68K version needs zlib.library V3.2 by Achim Stegemann,
available at aminet/util/libs/zlib-library.lha

Changes for V2.0
- Created MorphOS specific PNG icon and def_icon.

- Reworked the original documentation and made AmigaGuide files from it.

- Shows size of scaled area in window title now.

- The about window is now asynchronous and won't block Lupe anymore as long
as it is open.

- Now has a proper $VER: version string.

- Added MagicBeacon support to the MorphOS version when an Image has been

- Supports screennotify.library now and no longer blocks Workbench/Ambient
when these want to reopen.

- Lupe can install a DOS notify on its icon in order to reload its
tooltypes/config when the user changes some options there. Use ICONNOTIFY
if you want Lupe checking its icon for changes.

- Added support for MorphOS extended window border gadgets 'Jump Screen' and

- Added GridColor argument to set the colour for the grid. The argument
accepts a hexadecimal number in the format $RRGGBB or 0xRRGGBB. On MorphOS
it's possible to also specify the alpha value like GC=$AARRGGBB.

- Grid rendering was completely broken on MorphOS. Fixed.

- Added PNG saver and respective menu option. PNG saver will save in 24 bit
and won't save any alpha channel.

- Fixed true colour 24 bit IFF saver. Always only saved first 8 rows,
failed on certain widths and didn't allocate bitmaps properly.

- Now uses wbmessage instead of Cli() to determine where it was started from.

- Added mouse wheel support to adjust scale factor.

- The Lupe window can be resized now by a fixed size step (the initial
innerwidth/height is used) by pressing CTRL + cursor keys.

- Removed CurrentDir() stuff from saveiff(). Just using complete filename
for Open() now.

- Some internal changes to argument parsing.

- Added IgnoreLupeWindow option. When enabled the Lupe window itself won't
show up in the scaled bitmap anymore. This option requires MorphOS and
Compositing enabled.

- Lupe won't try to jump to screens with no default title and no screen title
anymore. Fixes the problem with JumpToActiveScreen and MorphOS blanker not
being able to close its blanker screen when lupe jumped onto it.

- Added BeginRefresh()/EndRefresh() fixing the refresh problem with window
borders on MorphOS after resizing the Lupe window.

- Pubscreenlist traversal could access illegal memory. Fixed.

- Ported C source code to E.

Upload Date:Jun 23 2022
Size:201 KB