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Description:An image viewer program programmed with Hollywood™ and show almost all image formats with many features.
Developer:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: Videntium Picta
Version: 2.25
Kind: Picture Viewer
Plataform: AmigaOS3.x
Requeriments: Hollywood plugins: apng.hwp - tiff.hwp - jpeg2000.hwp - pcx.hwp - zip.hwp
Description: Videntium Picta is picture viewer the main feature of this program is respect
the privacy of the user, no recient files list, no playlist, portable you can
use it from USB stick, CD, etc., the program only has 5 MB of size.

Videntium Picta (from latin words picture viewer) display the next multimedia
formats currently:
* jpg, png, gif, lbm, bmp, in native way
* svg, jp2(jpeg 2000), tiff, pcx, using the Hollywood plugins.

This viewer besides show pictures also cans make the next effects:
1. Mirror.
2. Rotate a picture 90º-180º-270º.
3. Change of size of two way for pixels height-width or percentaje.
4. sharpen.
5. Negative.
6. Lupe + or -.

Videntium Picta also cans:
1. Delete. Rename. Copy. Move. Make folders.
2. Snapshot from desktop.
3. Save in different formats: gif, bmp, png, lbm, jpg, jpeg2000, tiff.
4. Zip one picture with two modes: Normal or Password Protection with
Winzip AES-256 encryption.
Note: The program not ziped folders or several pictures.

Clicking on the buttons in the top bar.
Clicking in menu options.

1. To galleries with a lot of picture to load and show them fast configure
the Show the smooth picture OFF.
2. With pictures of big sizes (height or width) or 1 MB or highter also
configure the Mouse Zoom the Smooth OFF.

NOTE: In both cases the image is showed fast but with low quality.

3. The special Zoom Mouse by default is 1x.
The Zoom Mouse the smooth by default is OFF.
The Show picture with smooth by default is OFF.

NOTE: These options are for default OFF or 1x to program show the pictures
fast or it cans showed them.

4. If you convert a picture or save it in jpg format you can choose its
quality by default this is 80%, less quality picture more little and
more quality picture more big (Size in Kbytes).

5. The program cans show the picture inside of its own window in two modes
Full Screen or Window, also it cans open one external window to show it

1. Images of 1 MB or highter the Zoom 2x and 4x don't work correctly if
the smooth is ON.
2. Images with big sizes the Zoom 4x don't showed if the smooth is ON.
3. The program doesn't show gif and png anims, for this you can use Anim
Web Converter.

NOTE: Both limitations are with slow cpus for example 68k processors.

a-A: About the program.
f-F: Full screen show picture.
h-H: This help.
i-I: Picture information.
l-L: Load picture.
m-M: Mirror picture.
n-N: Negative picture.
r-R: Reload picture.
s-S: Save picture.
t-T: Turn picture 90º-180º-270º.
SPACE: Hide the program.
+ or -: Zoom picture.
ESC: Exit the program or close the windows.

Third button: Special Mouse Zoom.
Right Button: Hide the program.

The viewer is available in the next languages:
1.Spanish. 2.English. 3.French. 4.Italian.

Features from this new version:
1. Fixed a little bug.
3. Added check update for Windows version.

Upload Date:Feb 22 2020
Size:1 MB