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ASM-One V1.49-RC2 (24-03-2008)

This Release Candidate 2 (modern word for Beta version B-) of ASM-One V1.49
is, as the name suggests, still a work in progress.

I haven't done much after the last Beta release. But one thing that
was a problem in the last version (that it would not run fine with
WinUAE when you selected a MC68000) should now have been fixed.

It somehow never occured to me that some additions I made used data at an
odd address. Sorry for that one...

Other things that have been changed are the IO requests for some devices,
making the Color wheel more OS friendly and maken ASM-One compatible with
MorphOS (I still have to test it on AmigaOS 4).

Things that are still to come are checking of (dis)assembly of all
instructions and addressing modes and I was working on supporting more
fonts than just 8x8 fonts. But that didn't workout to well so I need
to dive into that again. I'm also planning to update the Highlighted
Error option (currently only works for immediate operands).

All in all, there is still a lot to do. And I hope this time I can do
it in less time and finaly release the final V1.49 version (which has
been long over due)...

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one. And please reports bugs if you
encounter them !!!!

Kind regards,

Boushh of TFA

Read History.txt for a more detailed description of what has changed.


Copyright Notice

ASM-One V1.49-RC2 is Copyright (C) 2008 by Boushh of TFA.


ASM-One V1.49-RC2 is offered "as is", and the authors will not be held
responsible for any damage resulting from mistakes contained within, though
the best effort has been made to ensure that the program works fine.


This is only Copyrighted in order to protect the integrity of ASM-One V1.49-RC2
and to ensure its free availability to all. You may put it in a disk
collection without prior permission from the authors (like the Fred Fish's disks
and CD-ROMed versions of Aminet). You may NOT distribute ASM-One as a commercial
package !! You may freely and for free distribute it across any medium.

There is no shareware registration fee since this is "freeware".


ASM-One is being developed on an Amiga A4000/60/PPC with 160 Mb of memory and
two 4 Gb Harddisks.

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