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Description:68k & PPC ASM Development Environment.
Short: 68k & PPC ASM Development Environment
Author: remco.weg@endemol.nl (Boushh)
Uploader: remco weg endemol nl (Boushh)
Type: dev/asm
Version: V1.48
Replaces: dev/asm/asmonev146*
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

ASM-One V1.48 (31-12-2002)

ASM-One is a FREEWARE 68k/PPC Assembler Development Environment for the Amiga.
It consists of 5 main parts:

- An Assembler
- A Disassembler
- An Editor
- A Debugger (not for PPC code !!)
- A Monitor (Hexadecimal/ASCII/Binary/Disassembly)

The assembler and the disassembler are fast (the source of ASM-One - 1.5 Mb -
is assembled in 11 seconds on a default A4000/040), supports all the 680x0 CPU's,
the 6888x FPU's, the 68851 MMU and most of the PPC CPU's (including AltiVec).

The assembler can handle mixed sources (sources which include both PPC and 68k
coding). Understands around 100 Directive. Supports MACRO's and IF statements.

The Editor is symple but fast. The Editor can handle up to 10 sources, can
copy/past to the Clipboard and can handle up to 999.999 lines of code.

The Debugger has a Source-Level function, supports watchpoints (even indirect),
breakpoint-conditions and run and step commands (with or without realtime screen

The Monitor handles Byte, Word and Longword sizes, and you can save marked data
to disk.

ASM-One also works with sectors and tracks. Reads and writes Executables, Link
files and sources.

ASM-One works with the original Amiga graphics as well as with RTG software.
ASM-One has special software that enables you to choose the 'banging-the-hardware'
method if you only have original Amiga screenmodes avialable, or the very fast
RTG software for more compatibility.

ASM-One comes with the ASM-One.Guide with 100's of pages of usefull information
about how ASM-One works.

ASM-One has been the choice of many Amiga programmers (both profesional and
'bed-room' coders) in the 10 years of it's existence. Check it out and see if
it works for you to B-)

ASM-One should work with any Amiga which has KS/WB 2.x or higher (RTG support
requires KS/WB 3.x), a diskdrive and at least 512 Kb of memory. The only
external libraries needed are the ReqTools.library and the asl.library.

Most Important Changes:

- FPU EQUates can now be used (EQUS/EQUD/EQUX and EQUP)
- WL bug fixed
- Fixed serious bugs with PPC registers
- More read and write directories
- Cleaned out the 'V' directive
- Updated the Guide

Read History.txt for a more detailed description of what has changed.


Copyright Notice

ASM-One V1.48 is Copyright (C) 2002 by Boushh of TFA.


ASM-One V1.48 is offered "as is", and the authors will not be held
responsible for any damage resulting from mistakes contained within, though
the best effort has been made to ensure that the program works fine.


This is only Copyrighted in order to protect the integrity of ASM-One V1.48
and to ensure its free availability to all. You may put it in a disk
collection without prior permission from the authors (like the Fred Fish's disks
and CD-ROMed versions of Aminet). You may NOT distribute ASM-One as a commercial
package !! You may freely and for free distribute it across any medium.

There is no shareware registration fee since this is "freeware".


ASM-One was developed on an Amiga 4000/40 with 18 Mb of memory and two 4 Gb
Harddisks, with ASM-One V1.47.

Upload Date:Aug 09 2019
Size:294 KB