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Description:A program launcher for OS 3.x
Developer:Andrew Kennan
Short: A program launcher for OS 3.
Author: Andrew Kennan
Uploader: adkennan gmail com (Andrew Kennan)
Type: util/wb
Version: 1.11
Requires: util/libs/IconLib_46.4.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0

DockBot is a program launcher for OS 3. It can display a list of icons in a
window on your Workbench screen. Programs can be started by clicking the icons,
dropping files on them or using a hotkey.

DockBot is extensible and can display gadgets other than icons. Included with
it are clock, memory meter, network monitor and window switcher gadgets.

This archive includes source code and binaries compiled for 68000, 68020 and
68040 CPUs.

The source repository can be found at https://github.com/adkennan/DockBot.


Version 1.11:

* A Network Monitor for Roadshow contributed by flype. Awesome!
* Requested locale.library version is now 38 as shipped with OS 3.0. Thanks Åsmund Nordel!
* You can now control the amount of padding around gadgets.

Version 1.10:

* Fixed rendering bugs and a memory leak.
* Moved all rendering to an off-screen bitmap.
* Tolerate missing config file.

Version 1.9:

* Edit Mode! Gadgets can now be rearranged, added and removed from within the Dock.
* Fixed some memory leaking bugs in Prefs tool.
* Italian translation by Samir Hawamdeh. Thanks!

Version 1.8:

* Button gadget can now use any image, not just the icon of the file.
* A background image can be set for the Dock.

Version 1.7:

* Fixed bug in Eyes that crashed when the Dock is horizontal.
* Improved keyboard response in Switcher.
* Added option to hide icon borders.

Version 1.6:

* New Window Switcher and Eyes gadgets.
* Clicking the Clock gadget will launch the Time prefs.
* French translation from flype.
* Fixed a few bugs around memory usage.

Version 1.5:

* Added support for screennotify.library. Thanks flype!
* Moved all strings to translatable catalogs.
* Added Spanish catalog. Thanks Gulliver!
* Changed styling of Memory Meter gadget.
* Reworked Clock Gadget to handle linefeeds in format string.

Version 1.2:

* Fixed bug in horizontal alignment of main window.
* Cancel in Prefs window now reverts to last saved config.

Version 1.1:

* Fixed issues with the installer that prevented DockBot from running.

Upload Date:Oct 15 2020
Size:400 KB