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Description:THE Intuition Menus Enhancer.
Developer:Olaf Barthel & Mario Cattaneo
Short: Final MagicMenu release (Beta, 03/2002)
Author: Martin Korndörfer, Olaf `Olsen' Barthel, Jens 'Damato' Langner and Stephan Rupprecht
Uploader: aminet aminet net
Type: util/wb
Version: 2.35
Requires: util/wb/MagicMenu_II.lha; dev/gui/gtlayout.lha; util/libs/pmuser.lha; 68020 CPU
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

This is the final release of MagicMenu, a beta version originally released in
March 2002 on the now defunct magicmenu.de.

This archive is an update for MagiMenu 2.30 - install that one first then
use the files from this archive to update your installation.

This software is released under GNU General Public License, Version 2.
The sourcecode can be found in util/wb/MagicMenu_2.35_src.zip


MagicMenu 2.31 (2.3.2001)

- Made the 'SetFunction()' patch safer, following much good advice
from Harry Sintonen.

MagicMenu 2.32 (17.10.2001)

- Pulldown menus are transparent, again <Mario Cattaneo>. The menustrip
isn't transparent in this mode to make the menutexts easier to read.

- This release of MagicMenu is a FAT binary containing code for the 68k
*and* PPC processor running WarpUP v4. The PPC is used to speedup rendering
when the transparent mode is enabled. If you feel like the PPC support makes
menu rendering even slower, then you can disable the PPC support by setting
the "ENABLEPPC=NO" tooltype. Of course, this version also works without a
PPC. Responsible for PPC support is Stephan, so please send bugreports
to <stephan@magicmenu.de> if you experience any problems with it.

MagicMenu 2.33 (16.11.2001)

- fixed PPC support (didn't work well on some systems).
- fixed the "Checkmark leaves garbage" bug reported by Andreas
Kürzinger. At least I hope so (no answer yet).
- MagicMenuPrefs: fixed compiler specific problem with the
displayhook of the slidergadget (color precision).

MagicMenu 2.34 (12.02.2002)
- added PPCDIRECT tooltype. When set to YES, the PPC will
read from and write to the bitmaps.
- implemented Amithlon support (just for fun:).
- instead of having the background transparent, you can now
have a backdrop image.
- transparency didn't work when blocking mode was enabled and
cast shadows off (two uninitialized variables) <Sensei>.

MagicMenu 2.35 (20.03.2002)
- for standard menus dri_CheckMark was used instead of
Win->CheckMark (unless dri_CheckMark was NULL).
- fixed a problem with CGFX and the SAVEMEM option of it.
MagicMenu was using GetCyberMapAttr() on non cgx
bitmaps causing some garbage because the transparency
feature got activated on <= 4bit screens.
- the highlighting color is used to highlight the
currently active item when transparency is used. Before
the item was brighten by 25%. You can switch between
both possibilities.
- due to heavy demand the background image can be
made transparent, too.
- transparency can be disabled for pull-down menus, now.
- MagicMenuPrefs: fixed the color precision slider
once again (this time the compiler grabbed the
parameter with the right order from the stack;).
- MagicMenuPrefs: the stackswapping code was missing
in 2.34.
- MagicMenuPrefs: the path of the background image
will be turned into an absolute one, now.

Upload Date:Mar 21 2020
Size:94 KB