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Description:Add menus/submenus to WB menu strip.
Developer:Nico Francois
Short: Add menus/submenus to WB menu strip
Author: nico@augfl.be (Nico Francois)
Uploader: cthulhu Belgium EU net
Type: os20/wb
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

ToolsDaemon allows you to run programs simply by selecting a menu item
from the menu strip of Workbench 2.0 or higher. Shell and Workbench
programs are supported, including arguments and tool types for both of
these. The menu items can be arranged in several menus, with sub-items
and keyboard shortcuts.

ToolsPrefs is designed as a preferences editor for the ToolsDaemon menus.
It features a font-sensitive localized GadTools front-end and supports the
2.0 AppWindow feature. This means it allows you to drag programs into its
window and they will be automatically added to the menu items list.

ToolsDaemon is the background program that will launch the tools you
select from the menu strip. It is meant to be dragged into the WbStartup
drawer so it will automatically be launched on startup.


o Really fixed the hanging problem I fixed in ToolsDaemon 2.1 :-) If
you managed to select *the* *first* menu item a split second after
activating a Workbench window ToolsDaemon would still hang. The
same problem occured on machines running TWA and when picking the
first item just after quitting Directory Opus.
o ToolsPrefs will now set its current directory to PROGDIR:.
o ToolsPrefs window is now simple refresh and uses the Kickstart 3.0
or higher zoom-in-place feature.
o Dropping a "fake" icon (Show all files) in the ToolsPrefs window
will now automatically enter the program as a CLI command.
o There was a problem with ToolsDaemon on Workbench 2.0. ToolsDaemon
would abort silently if it was the first Commodity that was run
(probably due to a bug in commodities.library V37; V38 and higher
worked fine). This is fixed now.
o Updated icons to Workbench 3 look :-)
o New french catalog included, translated by Benoit Mortier.
o Italian catalog included, translated by Nicola Salmoria.
o Release 2.2a (38.1210) of reqtools.library included.


ToolsDaemon 2.1a
Copyright (c) 1991-1994 Nico François

Upload Date:Aug 17 2017
Size:87 KB