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Description:External Virus Scanner Library.
Developer:Georg Hörmann
Short: External Virus Scanner Library v33.45
Author: virusz_xvs@gmx.de (Georg Wittmann)
Uploader: virusz_xvs gmx de (Georg Wittmann)
Type: util/virus
Version: 33.45
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

== xvs.library - The eXternal Virus Scanner Library ==
== Copyright © 1997-1999/2001-2021 by Georg Wittmann ==
== Copyright © 1999-2001 by Alex van Niel ==
== Copyright © 2001 by Jan Erik Olausen ==

The xvs.library contains all virus recognitions and disinfection code that
was formerly included inside VirusZ. This step has been taken for one major
reason: VirusZ, Virus_Checker, Virus_Executor and all the other antivirus
software can be updated quickly without releasing the whole packages every
time a new virus appears.

So simply install the xvs.library from this archive to your LIBS: drawer to
get 100% protection against the latest viruses.

To be able to check if the library in this archive really came straight from
the author, you can use my public key with the .sig files in the archive.
If you are not sure or do not trust the included key, then you can always
request an original copy straight from me (by email, see below) or get it
from the VHT-Denmark homepage.

Currently I (Georg Wittmann) am developing the xvs.library package alone
again, so for any bug reports, comments or new ideas just contact me at the
following e-mail address:



xvs.library 33.45 (size: 65.508 bytes)
- Added icon for the installation drawer, fixed old e-mail address
inside the installer script and packed archive with updated LhA
(no more Y2K11-bug). Thanks to Stefan A. Haubenthal for the hints.
- Fixed MuForce hit in xvsSurveyMemory() that occurs on AmigaOS 3.2
under certain circumstances. Thanks to Gerben van Kesteren for the
report and excessive testing.
- Added bootblock viruses: 'AmigaMan', 'Amor 1.0' (also added to the
sector check, modifies rootblock), 'ASS Protector 1.0 NoFast',
'BJH', 'Black Knight', 'ByteBandit 1 NoTxt1', 'ByteBand. 1 Lemke',
'ByteWarrior (CSP)', 'Chaos Force Five' (a NorthStar strain), a
new strain of 'Nasty-Nasty!' (called Corona-Covid19, but we do not
use names of real diseases!), 'Revenge BL (Custom)' which is a
Revenge Bootloader strain, 'Delta' (CCCP clone, also added as
linkvirus), 'Digital Force', 'Disk Doktors NoFast', 'Game Over'
(also added to sector check as it spreads over several sectors),
'Gandalf's Rache', a strain of 'Glasnost', 'Goodwill', 'Gurke',
'Jeremy' and its installer (added to file virus brain),
'Lamer Exterminator 1a', 'Lenin Expropriator' (also added to the
sector check), 'Magic Plagiator', 'Magic Ultra' (a Disk Doktors
strain), 'Nightmare Loader', 'Pong', 'President' (a Megamaster
strain that will crash while running), 'Byte B. 1 Shut Berlin',
'Sphinx-O-Virus Pro', 'SystemZ 4.2', 'SystemZ 5.0a',
'SystemZ 6.2', 'SystemZ 6.3', 'TRG Loader', 'Tyrannovirus Rex'
(also added to sector check), '9CA61C00 (TON)' (also added to
sector check), 'Virus-Murder 5.3', 'Byte Bandit 1 Wus', 'Zenker'
(renamed old 'Zenker' to 'Zenker Ingo'). Thanks to Jan Andersen
of VHT-Denmark for sending them to me.
- Added recognition for sectors 880/881 damaged by 'Zenker Ingo'
to xvsCheckSector().
- Added even more bootblock viruses: 'Byte Bandit 1 NoTxt2',
'DeleteSprite0' and 'Gadaffi NoTxt'. Thanks to Jason Smith,
CrashDisk and Aldéric for sending them to Jan Andersen of
- Added some general recognition code for 'ByteBandit' and 'SCA'
strains to xvsCheckBootblock() as so many idiots out there just
modify parts (mostly texts) of them to create something 'new'.

Upload Date:Nov 09 2021
Size:99 KB