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Description:68040/060-Loadlib fix for SysInfo4
Developer:Holger Hippenstiel
Short: 68040/060-Loadlib fix for SysInfo4
Author: Holger.Hippenstiel AT gmx.de
Uploader: Holger Hippenstiel nc-online de
Type: util/libs
Version: 46.9
Replaces: util/libs/SysInfoFix.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
Kurz: 68040/060-Loadlib fix fuer SysInfo4

68040/060-Loadlib fix for SysInfo4

If you like me and switch between 68040 & 68060 in WinUAE a lot and you
got both 68040.library and 68060.library installed from
http://aminet.net/package/util/libs/MMULib and you run with 68060 currently
and start SysInfo4++ ( http://aminet.net/package/util/moni/SysInfo ),
you get an recoverable alert from the 68040.library:

* *** 68040 Installation Alert *** *
* The 68040.library requires a 68040, do NOT use it on a 68060. *
* No exceptions, no excuses, no discussion. It won't work this way. *

Because it shouldn't be loaded when an 68060 is installed.

This 68040.library will fix that.

How to install automatic, in a shell in the folder where these files are:
Protect SysInfoFix_Install.bat +S

Rename you current "full" Libs:68040.library to Libs:68040mmu.library
Copy the 68040.library from this package to Libs:

Thats it - now when you got an 68060 running it will return the '060-Lib
when opened, if your only running a 040 it will load the 68040mmu.library
and initialise it.


This software is subject to the "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright
Note". It is Giftware as defined in paragraph 4g. If you like it and
use it regulary, please send me a small gift.
For more information please read "AFD-COPYRIGHT".

Diese Software unterliegt der "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright
Note". Sie ist Giftware wie definiert in Absatz 4g. Falls du sie magst
und regelmaessig benutzt, sende bitte ein kleines Geschenk.
Fuer mehr Informationen lies bitte "AFD-COPYRIGHT".

(/pub/aminet/docs/misc/AFD-FilesV-XX.lha V=Version,XX=Languages)


Please send comments, bug-reports or small gifts like a Vampire V4
or a now "worthless :P" NVidia RTX 2080 Ti, or Paypal me to:

Holger.Hippenstiel AT gmx.de
Hauptstr. 38
71229 Leonberg

Upload Date:Dec 03 2020
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